Help break the poverty cycle

Education: the key for development and a better future.

Sponsor a kid for secondary school in Tanzania

You can give hope

Kids in Tanzania dream of the chance for education.  FFKF students are now completing courses and taking up jobs in teaching, nursing, hotel management, farming, engineering and trades. This is amazing for a remote community of subsistence farmers with no electricity, no running water and no money.

Boarding Scholarships

Boarding Scholarships
There is only one way to get to school: by walking. Many students live up to 15 km away, so they must board.  Girls especially need the security of the girls’ hostel at the school.
$450 per year (about $10 per week)
Boarding Scholarships make a huge difference .

Day Scholarships

If a kid has not paid his school fees, he is sent home. He/she stops going to school. You can give a kid a chance with a day scholarship. This will cover compulsory fees and some items of uniform and contribute to text books and equipment.
You can give a kid a future with a day scholarship.
Day Scholarships - $170 per year

Co-Sponsor a kid for College

Post form 4 courses cost a lot more. Students must leave their remote villages. College fees are high. We need sponsors to share the cost for students to go on to further training: trades, hospitality,  business, agriculture, computer studies...
An average post-secondary course now costs about $2,000 per year. That includes fees, accommodation and food for the whole year.
All contributions are extremely welcome.
..$100, $200, $ all helps.

The Lunch Program

Kids get up early and go to school hungry.
Students, teachers, parents and Government officials all nominate the FFKF Lunch Program as most important in making a difference.
It allows students to stay at school all day and it has led to better results in the National Exams.
50 cents per day will give a kid a meal of beans and ugali, and keep him/her at school.