About Us

FFKF Origins

FFKF began in 2006 as a very small organization based in Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia.  At that time a young Victorian woman, Rosie Broughton, was living in Farkwa with her Tanzanian husband, Tichiano Fidelisi.  On hearing from Rosie about the basic problems faced by people in daily life in Farkwa, family and friends in Australia got together to begin a scholarship scheme for students to attend secondary school.  In November 2006, after discussions with the headmaster and teachers at the new Farkwa Secondary School, an agreement was signed and scholarships began in 2007.

FFKF Organisation

FFKF operated as an unincorporated Association from 2006 to 2011. In October 2011 it formally became incorporated. FFKF is run by a Management Committee which is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.  All committee members work voluntarily and there are no paid officials. Therefore administrative costs are very low. All sponsors are automatically members of FFKF and are invited to attend the AGM.


After five years of our program, we now have 65 students on scholarships in forms 1-4 and 33 students who are engaged in, or have completed, post form 4 studies. These include:

  • Erasto: Electrical Engineering.
  • Eight students: Primary Teacher Training
  • Lucas: Secondary Teacher Training
  • Auzeli and Sophia: Computer Studies
  • Theresia and Rehema: Hotel Management
  • Augustini and Augustini: Community Development
  • Bartholomew: Public Administration
  • Tamba and Kaifa: Tourism.
  • Abrahaman: Forms 5&6. (Students face National Exams in form four. Only a small percentage of students are selected for form 5&6. Abrahaman is only the second one from Farkwa Secondary).

Before FFKF started no one from Farkwa could have dreamed of such opportunities. Before FFKF the dropout rate from school was very high. Life is hard and parents cannot afford the fees and other school expenses.