Success stories


I am Lucas Andrew... I would like to share my joy to my sponsors and where I have reached! I am a teacher at Barikiwa secondary school in Lindi Region. I attended my ordinary education at Farkwa secondary school in Dodoma region and completed in 2008. Fortunately a scholarship program coordinated by Resident Joy Windle from Australia saved my dreams. In 2009 I carried on with my advanced education at Kwiro High School in Morogoro Region and completed in 2011. So far from 2011-2013 my sponsor took me to Mpwawa Teachers’ College in Dodoma Region taking Diploma in Education whereby I graduated and specialized in English and History teaching subjects. In 2014 I was posted to job at Lindi Region in Liwale District as a Secondary teacher. So far I would like to apologize to my sponsors for poor communication with them because the district I work there is no Network and internet access for communication till to go to town centre. Lastly I would like to thank my sponsors for their valuable assistance to my success and dreams and may the almighty God bless them. Amen


Sophia completed a diploma course in Computing, with sponsorship from FFKF.  Now she has her own family and runs a small business providing a few basic items and computer services.
Sophia is now supporting herself and upgrading her qualification to degree level.  One of the many success stories from FFKF sponsorship.


My name is Erasto Chiswanu, aged 23 years. Here is my short biography on schooling! I started my studies of secondary school, on 2006 as form one member at Farkwa secondary school.  I finished my ordinary level secondary education in 2009 and I was one of the best performer at Farkwa secondary as well as among of the students who performed well in our district, Kondoa, with Division II pass.

After I finished my secondary education, I was selected to one of the college, Dar es Salaam institute of Technology (DIT). But I was unable to continue with my studies due to adversity of fund, here is where I met with FFKF. Since 2011-2013 during my diploma studies in Electrical Engineering I had been handled by FFKF in all of my requirements for college.  I assure you that my studying life has been better for all the period I was doing my diploma, because you cared me, by sponsoring me the whole period of my study.

As one of the sponsors of FFKF, I can tell you that, generally the FFKF sponsorship has been much helpful to Farkwa society and nearby societies, it has created a bridge to pass, esp. for many students who could have stay into their homes after finishing their ordinary level secondary education, due to their insufficient credits of exams, knowing that most of non-government post-secondary education providers costs a lot of money, or insufficiency of fund. But I’ve seen many of students they have attained at least one post-secondary school, and some of them have their jobs now as I am writing to you! Many of them they can even continue with other post-secondary education like university level without sponsorship again, this is because they’ve got a light to go forward! You ignited that fire to us! At least we can be independent, for sure many can depend from us, our families, and fellows young students who still joining the school etc.

Personally, I have reached  a university level for now and I’ve finished  the first year, I am studying at the same college and the same course I studied in diploma( i.e. Electrical engineering), except now I am taking Bachelor degree!. My studying is quite good, and I am enjoying studying. I wish after I finish my first degree I can get a job and starting my life off course!