Fostering Futures

You Can Change the Future

Sponsor a child for education and you change the future for a child, their family and their community.

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Fostering Futures supports boys and girls in an extremely disadvantaged district of Tanzania. Our aim: to build a better future and stronger communities in the villages of Farkwa and Gwandi.

Every Dollar Counts

Fostering Futures is run by an Australian committee of volunteers and our administrative costs are <3%

So 97c in every dollar we collect goes towards funding our programs.

Between 2007 and 2017

243 kids funded to go to school

86 students funded for post-secondary education

We have also raised

for special projects including the lunch program, water tanks and toilets

This has benefited all the students at Farkwa and Gwandi Secondary Schools

Lucas Andrew

Lucas, against all odds, was the first Farkwa secondary student to graduate with a high enough score to do forms 5 & 6, then he was also sponsored through his Diploma of Education. Now he is teaching at Barikiwa Secondary school which is remote so he apologises to his...

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Erasto Chiswanu

A young man with great determination and a wonderful enthusiasm to motivate the current students to dare to dream, and to work hard to achieve that dream. Erasto obtained an excellent Division 2 pass at form 4 despite the very tough conditions in those years: students...

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Sophia Balasidya

Sophia completed a diploma course in Computing, with sponsorship from Fostering Futures.  Now she has her own family and runs a small business providing a few basic items and computer services. Sophia has now upgraded her qualifications to degree level...

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There are two ways you can help Fostering Futures:

You can give HOPE

With no Electricity, no running water and poor roads. Kids dream of the chance at education. Fostering Futures students are now engaged in:




Hotel Management





Food Production






Sponsor or Co-Sponsor a Kid for College

Post Form 4 (Year 10) courses cost a lot more. Students must leave their remote villages and college fees are high. Our sponsors cover the cost, this is often shared. For a kid to go to college is hugely exciting!

Against all odds, with our help, these students have a chance to go on for further training: trades, hospitality, computer studies, accountancy, nursing…

A post-secondary course can cost up to $2,000 per year. That includes fees, accommodation and food for the whole year. Some students need a computer.

All contributions are extremely welcome.  What can seem small to us can make a huge difference to the lives of the students in Tanzania! $100, $200, $500…